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Coverage Areas, Visitation Fees in San Diego & Riverside

Together! We can build a lasting bond (BTVS)


Your Child's Safety

We want you to have total peace of mind while using our services. So as a safety measure, we require that all of our service providers register with trust line. What is Trust line?  Trust Line is California’s registry of in-home child care providers, tutors, in-home counselors, and child care staff at Ancillary Child Care Centers who have passed a background screening. or Call 1-800-822-8490   In addition, all of our services are compliant with Family Code 3200.5  Effective January 1, 2013, and Administrative Rules of Court 5.20  Effective January 1, 2018 

Coverage areas:

San Diego County (All Areas)  below are starting visitation service fees in San Diego

Riverside County, Temecula & Murrieta only, below are the starting fees for visitation service in Riverside (rates in slightly higher in Riverside County)

Services we offer:

On and off-site supervised visitation monitoring  

Supervised Exchanges

Supervised phone and video conference monitoring 

Court reports

Court appearances 

Fees for service:

Initial Intake Fee: $45.00 per person. This is a one time fee. Both parties are required to do the initial intake, scheduling will be done separately.

Supervised visitation fees start at $45.00 hourly (sliding scale with verification). Rates increase with each additional child and are higher on holidays. 

Supervised Exchanges $50.00 (this rate includes both exchanges)

Supervised phone and video conference monitoring $20.00 per 15 minutes.

2 hour minimum per visit in San Diego County, 3 hour minimum in Riverside County.

Contact us to get rates for personal reports, court reports, court appearances, and other service fees not listed on this page.



You can pay your initial intake fee here!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Please click the link below to read the PayPal refund & privacy policy prior to submitting any payments to BTVS  Also, do not make any payments to BTVS until phone contact has been made with one of our providers, and it is determined that all parties involved are in agreement with our terms of service.