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Visitation Monitor questions in San Diego & Riverside County

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supervised Visitation?

Supervised visitation services are for families with children, who are or have been involved in high-risk emotional or physical situations. In addition, these services may be used when the non-custodial parent (NCP) is:  Improving his/her parenting skills, Struggling with substance abuse issues, or there is a history of abuse (all types) alleged or proven. In any case, supervised visitation is to protect the best interest of child/ren. The court will often order that the child/ren only be allowed contact with the NCP when there is a neutral third person present during the visitation. The court may also determine whether the monitor should be a professional or non-professional monitor. We are a professional visitation monitoring service and we are  compliant with Family Code 3200.5  Effective January 1, 2013

What does a Child Visitation Monitor do?

A visitation monitor is present to ensure that the child/ren are safe at all times during the visit. The monitor can be a family member, friend (Non-Professional), or a paid Professional Monitor (BTVS). The type of monitor is usually decided by the court. The monitors' main purpose is to make sure that the child/ren and all parties involved are safe and protected. The monitor must be present at all times during the visit and actively listen to what is being said during the visit. The monitor will also document the interaction(s) between the parent and child/ren. If necessary, the monitor may interrupt or end a visit. All professional monitors are required to report any form of suspected child abuse. Lastly, the monitor will ensure that the guidelines set by the court are followed.

Who pays for Child Visitation Monitoring Services?

The court sometimes makes the determination based on the financial status of all the parties involved. When this decision is not made by the court. it is not uncommon for the Non-custodial parent (NCP) to pay for the services. Other times both parents will split the fee or friends and family will help out with the cost so that the NCP can spend bonding time with the child/ren.

What are the benefits of Supervised Visitation with a monitor present?

Supervised visitation provides a safe environment which allows the child/ren the opportunity to develop, build upon or re-establish a vibrant and healthy relationship with the NCP.  This setting also provides the NCP a safe and controlled environment to develop or hone their parenting skills. Supervised visitation also gives the NCP the opportunity to continue visitation with the child/ren while the sometimes long and stressful court process continues.

How long does court-ordered visitation last?

There are no set guidelines for how long court-ordered visitation with a monitor can last, It is totally up to the courts. In most cases, the court will keep supervised visitation in place until a proven safe and healthy relationship is developed between the NCP and the child/ren. Until that happens, we encourage you to do your best at building that lasting bond with your child/ren. Remember Together! We can build a lasting bond with your child/ren.

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